Draft Minutes from the October 26th 2016 Board Meeting


Please let us know if you find any errors.

Meeting minutes Oct 26 2016_draft.pdf

October 2016 Meeting Minutes

For your reading pleasure!


2016 Annual Meeting Notice

Please read the attached letter that will be sent to everyone.


Order Releasing Stage

Here is another order.

Arbitrator’s Order 102416.pdf

Stage’s request to withdraw

Ms. Stage has made a motion to withdraw as counsel for the association in regards to the recall effort.

Stage’s motion to withdraw as counsel.pdf

Final Arbitrators Order

Here is the order that Arbitrator Lang issued today in response to Nancy Campiglia’s motions from last week.

Arbitrator’s Order 101916.pdf

Motions for Corrections of FO & Fees and Costs

Here is one last posting on the recall!

Motions for Corrections of FO & Fees and Costs.pdf

Recall Certified

Here is the final certified recall.

Corrected Order Villages of Rio Pinar.pdf

Documents from today

Please find below additional filings from Barbara Stage, the association’s attorney. One is her correction to the response she filed last week (confusing “Petitioner” and “Respondent”), and the other is what she filed in response to the arbitrator’s request for affidavits showing that the election mailings for the last three scheduled elections had been sent with 14 days’ notice.

Although not responsive to the arbitrator’s request, in the latter filing, she included the Recall Committee’s communication to residents about boycotting the July “special election” (in which we do not claim to be canceling the election and in which we make relevant, cogent arguments against the election’s being held at all); a random posting from Nextdoor about red ribbons (which someone managed to capture before it was removed moments later); and a Nextdoor posting of Deidre’s discussing the last community meeting at the Clubhouse (in which Deidre describes the tampering with the AC and the threat about removing red ribbons from our mailboxes).

Stage filing 092616.pdf

Stage Amended Response to Request for Clarification 092616.pdf

More Motions

Ms. Campiglia filed a request for clarification with the arbitrator on Thursday; his order of 9/22 has a statement about representation that was not clear.

Below, you’ll find Ms. Campiglia’s request and Ms. Stage’s response. (Ms. Stage’s response is also unclear; she confuses “Petitioner” and “Respondent.”)

Stage’s Response to Request for Clarification 092216.pdf

Request for Clarification 092216.pdf