Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How do I get a remote for the gates, pin code, get my name/number in the gate system, etc?
A: See our form section on the website here. It has the forms you want to fill out to get these items…

Q: Can my car’s remote buttons be programmed to open the gate?
A: If your car has HomeLink built-in then it’s extremely likely that you can program one of your HomeLink buttons to open the gates using one of the remotes available to order from our website. The process differs based on vehicle and you can likely find instructions here:… Our gates are known to work well with HomeLink from nearly every major auto company.

Q: How do a I get a barcode for the gates?
A: The barcode readers are being phased out on the Econ gate and have already been removed from the Falls gate due to their excessive repair costs. Therefore we no longer issue new barcodes and only offer the gate remotes going forward.

Q: My gate code doesn’t work, who can fix that?
A: Gate codes must be entered with a # (pound) button followed by the 4 digit pin code. Send an email to for fastest response. Please include the code you are trying to use.

Q: How do I let visitors in from the gate?
A: Assuming your information is in the gate (if not, see the 1st question), visitors can use the gate entry system to scroll through and find your name. Then they press the “call” button and it will dial the phone number you provided. Once you answer, you can speak with that person and if you wish to open the gate for them, press the “9” button on your telephone. This will end the call and open the gate. If you do not know the person or do not wish to let them in, simply hang up the phone. Please note that the gate entry system can NOT dial long distance numbers, so in order to use this feature you must provide a local number.

Q: My clubhouse card doesn’t work, why? who can fix that?
A: First make sure your HOA accounts are in good standing as only those accounts that are current are permitted access to the Clubhouse. If your card is not working and your accounts are paid up to date, send an email with the numbers on the card or a picture of it to

Q: I’ve noticed something that is broken or needs attention.
A: Please report it to Greystone and make a post on NextDoor. Several Board members read and monitor this site and can likely address the problem if it’s urgent or a simple fix.

Q: There was a crime committed, who should I notify?
A: After notifying the police, please create a post to notify everyone. Our HOA has very good security cameras at the gates and Clubhouse and may be able to help in providing evidence to the police.

Q: My home is for sale, how do I have an open house?
A: Please have you realtor contact for a temporary gate code to use for the day of the open house. This helps keep our community secure and your neighbors will NOT appreciate if you give out a permanent code to strangers to access our community.

Q: How do I repair, replace, or repaint my mailbox?
A: If you need a replacement, the mailboxes are made by Beautiful Mailbox Company. You must replace it with the approved mailbox to match the community standards. If you need to repair your mailbox you can search the Nextdoor site for contractor reviews of Frank Salley. In most cases he can restore any mailbox to like new condition for less than the cost of a replacement.

If you wish to repaint your mailbox, you MUST use the approved color:
SW2847 Roycroft Bottle Green

Q: What does the ACC cover that requires an application?
A: Anything exterior of the home, including house paint, even if you plan to use the same color. Forms are found in the Form sections of our website:…

Q: How do I get my shed approved?
A: Sheds are the most common ACC application and are always denied, as they are not permitted per the HOA Declarations.

Q: How do I get more involved in the HOA?
A: Attend meetings of the Board and ACC, and offer your skills and availability to address needs of the Board and community. And as always, be a friendly neighbor.

Q: How do I contact the management company?
A: Our current management company is Greystone Management. You can reach them at 407-645-4945 or by email at For more information see their website:

Q: I received a violation letter from the management company, now what do I do?
A: Address the violation as quickly as possible and do not repeat it. The management company typically sends one warning letter for a given violation but repeated violation notices will incur administration fees that are added to your account. Please refer to the HOA declarations or ACC guidelines before disputing any violations with the management company or Board. They are only doing their job by enforcing the rules of the community.

Q: When are HOA payments due?
A: Both Club and HOA payments are DUE quarterly on the 1st of the month. January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and Oct 1st. Club payments are LATE on 10th of the month and HOA payments are LATE on the 15th of the month. Late payment will result in admin fees from Greystone that will be billed to your account.

Q: How can I pay my dues online?
A: Greystone Management offers online payments via their website at: . Please pay attention to any fees and process times as any payments made after the deadlines may result in your payments being late. .

Q: How can I sign up for auto debit of my HOA dues?
A: The form to fill out for auto debit is on Greystone’s website here:

Q: I received a late notice from the management company or a law office, what do I do?
A: Follow the instructions on the letter and contact the management company of law office immediately to resolve the issue. Do NOT delay as doing so can result in significant financial penalties to you. HOA laws on payments are a very strict and legal process that our HOA closely follows and manages. These written notices are often the first step in a long legal process and should not be taken lightly. Please be proactive in following up on any letters to make sure the issue is resolved.

Q: Where can I find the HOA rules and declarations?
A: They are posted on our website under the document sections here:

Q: What is the parking policy?
A: The policy is enforced per the HOA declarations and community road signs which state that no street parking or blocking the sidewalks is permitted. A local tow truck company does patrol and enforce this policy and actively tow cars for violation of this policy. Please use your driveway and garage to store your vehicles and leave the roads and sidewalks open for vehicle and pedestrians to use as they were designed.

Q: What is the speed limit on the HOA’s roads?
A: The speed limit is posted as 25 MPH. Please keep in mind that many of our main roads are your neighbor’s front yards and that many kids and pets live in our community and can be unpredictable around busy streets. Be a good neighbor and obey the speed limit.

Q: Can I receive a ticket from the Sheriffs department while on the HOA’s private roads?
A: Absolutely and it happens regularly. We have an agreement with OCSO to patrol and enforce the traffic laws of our community’s property. This includes writing citations for running stop signs and speeding.

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