2018 Meeting Minutes

Sorry for the delay (again), here are the meeting minutes from most of 2018. I’ll add the rest as I get them. 12-10-18 MINUTES 10-15-18 MINUTES 9-17-18 MINUTES 8-20-18 MINUTES 7-16-18 MINUTES 6-18-18 MINUTES 5-21-18 MINUTES 4-16-18 MINUTES 3-19-18 MINUTES 2-19-18 MINUTES 1-15-18 MINUTES

Meeting Minutes from 2017

Sorry for the delay with these, here are the meeting minutes from July to December 2017 Enjoy.  

Meeting Minutes

Here are the latest meeting minutes from the past meetings this year and one from last year. Enjoy! 01-16-2017.BOD.MEETING.MINUTES 02-20-2017.BOD.MEETING.MINUTES 03-20-2017.BOD.MEETING.MINUTES 04-17-2017.BOD.MEETING.MINUTES 05-15-2017.BOD.MEETING.MINUTES 6-19-17.BOD.MEETING.MINUTES 11-29-2016.BOD.MEETING.MINUTES

Draft Minutes from the October 26th 2016 Board Meeting

Enjoy! Please let us know if you find any errors. Meeting minutes Oct 26 2016_draft.pdf

October 2016 Meeting Minutes

For your reading pleasure! October.2016.Meeting.Minutes.pdf

October 2015 Draft Meeting Minutes

Draft minutes from the October 2015 Board meeting. October 2015 Meeting Minutes draft

March Approved Meeting Minutes

Here are the approved – non-draft – meeting minutes from the March 2015 board meeting. March 2015 Meeting Minutes – Approved

March 2015 Meeting Minutes – Draft

Posting the draft meeting minutes. March 2015 Meeting Minutes Draft

Approved November 2014 Meeting Minutes

These are great and really detailed. Thanks to Jason Alday for his attention to detail. He’s one awesome resident. November 2014 Meeting Minutes

June and July Board Meeting Minutes 2014

Both are attached. Enjoy! June.Board.Meeting.Minutes.2014 July.Board.Meeting.Minutes.2014