Bright House Construction Update

Here is the latest update from Bright House: As far as construction goes we will have completed the section of work along Rio Preserve Dr. and Ashmore Ln. We will be going forward from the intersection of Rio Preserve/ Treymore Dr. heading south on both sides of the road including Hidden stream ct. and Whispering […]

Bright House Contractor Contact Information

We have seen Bright House start to dig in some areas of the neighborhood. If you have issues after they are done please contact Structured Broadband Services at (407) 359-5841. There will be a crew returning after to re-sod areas that need it so please be patient. We also understand the flags marking utilities make […]

Bright House Progress Update 8-9-2013

Bright House Networks (BHN) is scheduled to start burying cable on 8/12/2013. They estimate that this process will involve some 7 miles of cable and take 60-90 days. You’ll know they are coming in your area once you see the utility locator service marking the existing utility lines with paint and flags. Please do not […]

Bright House Installation Update

Bright House is currently waiting on permits. They are looking to start digging within the next two weeks. The project will take 90 to 100 days to complete weather permitting. I have created a brighthouse category for the website as well as if you have any questions.