2021-2022 Meeting Minutes

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2020 Meeting Minutes

2019 Meeting Minutes

Here are the 2019 Meeting Minutes!

Approved ACC Guidelines

Here are the approved ACC Guidelines.

2018 Newsletter Archive

Here are PDF’s of all the 2018 Newsletters.

2018 Meeting Minutes

Sorry for the delay (again), here are the meeting minutes from most of 2018. I’ll add the rest as I get them.

12-10-18 MINUTES

10-15-18 MINUTES

9-17-18 MINUTES

8-20-18 MINUTES

7-16-18 MINUTES

6-18-18 MINUTES

5-21-18 MINUTES

4-16-18 MINUTES

3-19-18 MINUTES

2-19-18 MINUTES

1-15-18 MINUTES

Meeting Minutes from 2017

Sorry for the delay with these, here are the meeting minutes from July to December 2017



Updated Clubhouse Rental Form

Here is an updated clubhouse rental form:


More Newsletters

Here is a soft copy of the latest newsletters:




Updated ACC Guidelines for Review

Please review these and bring any concerns to the next board meeting.